Piano Masterclass


Leonid Margarius

20 - 30 agosto 2024

The masterclass will be taught by one of the great masters and teachers of the Russian school Leonid Margarius, who has established himself as an extraordinary teacher and educator of numerous artists including winners of prestigious international piano competitions. It will be held in Naples, a historically musical city and home to important sites such as: Teatro San Carlo, and the Conservatorio San Pietro a Maiella, which have influenced the history and evolution of music, places where the greats of piano literature such as Scarlatti and Thalberg worked. Organizing the masterclass is the Napolinuova International Music Academy, which has been organizing courses, concurs, masterclasses and concerts since 1995, collaborating with top artists from around the world. To learn more about the academy's activities visit The course will be held in the "Chopin Hall" of the historic Palazzo Mastelloni, in Piazza Carità, in the center of Naples, near the famous buildings mentioned above. The Chopin room is in the same building that houses the Napolitano Pianoforti company, a firm founded in 1860 as an exclusive Steinway dealer and now one of the oldest companies in Italy. The company will provide at masterclass participants with pianos from its collection and technical support to make participation as comfortable as possible.

Participants will be able to:

Taking place in Naples, the masterclass will also represent a moment of cultural enrichment. The city, in fact, is one of the most famous in the world for its diverse cultural, artistic and environmental aspects and is a magnet for tourists from all over the world. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about the immense historical heritage of Naples: works ranging from the Greco-Roman period to the modern period with world-famous works and places. They will be able to visit unique museums, such as the "Archaeological Museum" (whose Egyptian collection is second only to those in Cairo and Turin) and the "Capodimonte Museum" (compared to the "Louvre" for its collections). They will be able to discover, in the center of Naples, its marvelous Castles (Castel dell'Ovo, Castel Sant'Elmo, Maschio Angioino), which describe well the different historical periods of the city. They will also be able to enjoy the scenic and environmental beauty of this city, which has been sung about in world-famous songs, by visiting magical places such as Posillipo, in a truly one-of-a-kind experience.


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